Hosted Telephony FAQ



Can I keep my existing phone number with Host Tel

absolutely, similarly to how you can transfer mobile numbers between carriers you can do the same with land line numbers but unlike traditional carriers you no longer need to be connected to the same exchange to retain a phone number. So even if you move your office your number can now move with you.



What happens if we lose power at our site

Just as you would with a traditional PABX if you lose power to your site your phones will go offline, however there are a few solutions to this problem. Firstly you can install a UPS to provide power in case of a power outage. Our system can also automatically divert your phones if they go offline, this will mean that we can send your calls to an alternative location or mobile phone.



What if we need changes made to our system

As you no longer have a physical PABX in your office any changes that you would need made to the setup of your phone system can be done with a simple email or call to us, changes are usually made on the spot. If you require additional phones or equipment installed at your premises this is usually carried out by your IT provider but if required we can also arrange a technician to attend to your site. 



What if we want to leave Host Tel?

Not a problem, we don't lock in our customers with contracts so if you want to leave for any reason you can simply transfer your numbers to another carrier and terminate your services with Host Tel. There are no disconnection fees your only liabilities will be the charges incurred up to the point of disconnection.