Host Tel originated in a business called MyFax, MyFax had been in development since the late 90’s working with the developing concept of fax to email. By mid 2005 we commercially launched MyFax and quickly moved on to developing a hosted PBX using business grade VoIP over our existing infrastructure.

In late 2005 we took on our first hosted PBX Customer and in April 2006 we completed our live up to the minute billing system. This is not just flexible but innovative as it allowed clients to view live call data via a private web page, including detail as to which extension or staff member made each call and at what cost.

In May 2006 the trading name changed to Host Tel, as an additional trading entity of the KESURO limited unit trust reflecting the true diversity of the business, replacing our original trading name.  Host Tel is now well on its way to being the best thing since the push button phone, giving small to medium businesses feature rich telephony.  PABX functionality that is so extreme it rewrites the rule book as we know it.

Although the technology has been in use with the larger corporate markets for over 10 years, Host Tel have taken it to a new level by partitioning a centrally located switch and delivering the services to our clients originally over commonly available Digital Subscriber Line (DSL or ADSL) and now also Ethernet over Copper and Ethernet over Fibre.
The feature set combined with an extensively automated provisioning system ensures clients will be enjoying the power of their new technology in record time.  Our dealer / reseller network is forming rapidly. 

Here at Host Tel we like to think that we do things a little differently, our focus is provide a premium product with the superb quality. We see voice telecommunications as a product that must work first time every time with the best quality. Most of us have had experience with calling call centres overseas, the reason we know these calls are VoIP are usually due to poor quality or latency. When you make a call that runs business grade VoIP there should be no way of distinguishing it from a normal PSTN phone call.