Hosted PBX

Since the beginning of the 1980’s there are been little technological advancement in the way business phone systems aka PABX’s work. That was until now, IP based telephony has moved us away from the constraints of copper phone lines and allowed us to use the technology computer networks have been using since the early 1980’s. This advancement in technology now allows you to integrate your phone and computer networks reducing the need for infrastructure, eliminating the need for expensive PABX phone systems and allowing you to expand the function, features and geographical boundaries of your phone system.

Some of the features that IP based telephone offers are;

  • multiple sites connected into one phone system
  • ability to direct internal extensions to mobiles and other external numbers
  • elimination of the need for phone line rental
  • No more phone cabling in your office
  • No expensive technicians required onsite to make changes to your phone system

Virtual Fax

Virtual Faxing is a modern solution for an old standard, as technology moves forward the need for a traditional fax machine is no longer needed, the cost of a business phone line as of February 2011 is $41.91 per month. That equates to $503 a year before you even price in a fax machine, paper and toner. When you compare the costs and features switching to a virtual fax service is a no brainer.

These days most people will be aware of how tedious it is having the print out a document then manually fax it to a destination, the Host Tel Virtual fax allows you to print directly to the fax program so you can sent documents, scanned documents and anything else you can think of printing out from your computer direct to a fax machine in just a few clicks and all without even leaving your chair.


SMS started being utilised in the 90’s predominately for communication between teenagers, since then SMS has developed into a staple form of communication for individuals, business and even government departments. Many business’s need to communicate with staff, advertise to clients or even send appointment reminders the uses are only limited by your imagination. The typical problem with this has been the need to sms off a specific mobile phone, this has been limited by people not wanting to give out their mobile numbers or a limitation on the availability of company phones to use. The Host Tel ezeSMS service allows you to sms from a simple web page to a single recipient or to multiple recipients at once, you can even create groups so you can message a whole group with out needing to send the same message over and over again.