When Host Tel started in 2005, we saw the potential of IP Telephony and how we could develop it into a reliable and quality product that would be suitable commercially. We have since developed our hosted telephony product, which achieves 100% reliability and outstanding quality using carrier-grade, multiple redundant systems based at all of the major capital cities of Australia.

How it works

The Host Tel telephony system works by utilising a carrier-grade ethernet connection from your location to your local telephone exchange. The traffic is then carried to the Peering point in your capital city. Our infrastructure is located in or directly connected to these peering points. We then convert your voice calls from IP to traditional ISDN voice and route it to local carriers. By only carrying IP from your handset to our point of presence, we ensure the lowest latency and highest quality calls.
In the event Ethernet services aren’t available in your location, we can also use other broadband providers, providing they peer in your local capital city.

By taking advantage of local peering points we avoid issues traditionally faced by internet-based telephony providers, such as internet congestion and other network stability issues.

Business Continuity

Some IP providers only run infrastructure in a single location resulting in poor call quality and putting you at risk of losing connectivity if there is a disruption to services in that location. In the extremely unlikely event of one of our sites going offline, our network automatically redirects all calls and handsets to our secondary location in another state, achieving complete business continuity. Even in the event of a catastrophic disaster at your premise, you can have handsets located offsite, or call diversions put in place to ensure that your business is never unreachable.


Using Host Tel’s IP Based phone systems affords you substantial additional efficiency and flexibility. The ability to stop limiting the efficiency of your staff due to your communications and the ability to offer services that were previously unavailable. Using our system, you can link multiple disparate offices to form a single, unified phone system. This can vary in scale, from having a single phone at someone’s home or to interconnecting site offices and call centres, not only eliminating the cost of connecting between these sites but allowing you to handle your calls in the most efficient manner.

No limitations

In the traditional PABX model, handset expansion is often limited by license restrictions, requiring costly upgrades to handle additional handsets. With Host Tel you can keep adding handsets and you can even add handsets that are from multiple different manufacturers so you aren’t locked into a single brand or model.

Quality Hardware

Quality hardware is a major part of the client solution we provide. We offer the full range of Cisco Unified IP handsets to suit any situation or budget. Cisco is the market leader in IP Telephony market, with our handsets offering the widest level of features, along with the best call quality available.
To ensure everything runs smoothly, we also deploy carrier grade Cisco switches and routers. This end-to-end managed solution ensures we can deliver the best service possible.